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3rd Form Art Project: Isolation and Contemplation

Daniel Sexton, 3rd Form artist, has created this photo diary below in response to the project entitled 'Isolation and Contemplation'. His description is here:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been forced to stay in isolation, which has given me time to contemplate and reflect. Due to the fact that I was remaining within my house, this project did not give me many options. Therefore, I decided to try and capture an almost meditative and serene view of the world, reflecting the state I was in. Where the eye starts, at the top of the piece, I wanted to ‘go back to the basics’, or the fundamentals (both of photography and as a reminder of the central aspects of our lives), hence the use of black and white. Then, as the eye travels down the collage, more colour is slowly introduced. The middle of the piece shows two photos, both meant to capture a sense of meditation and contemplation, with both still remaining fairly basic in both composition and colour. The mood completely changes at the bottom of the piece, however, with much more vibrant colours and less simple compositions. This is meant to represent the renewed and more ‘vibrant’ view of life that can be achieved by re-evaluating and reflecting. Despite this, at the very bottom of the piece, there is a reminder that life, when stripped down to its simplest form, still is only comprised of ‘black and white’, good and evil.

  • Photo Diary 2.0(1)

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    Photo Diary 2.0(1)