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Lower Sixth Art Project: Facade

Abigail Steel in LIV has been working on a stunning piece. Here is her description of the work:

This painting is about capturing the facade that people with poor mental health may put on daily to hide their pain and issues. Each part of the face and neck is a different colour, representing a different emotion. The neck is green; a neutral colour as no emotion can be shown in the neck. This then blends into yellow for the mouth; a happy and bright colour to show that with struggles, a smile may still be genuine. Around the eyes is blue. I chose to do this because I think you can tell what a person is really feeling if you look in their eyes; the blue represents a sadness in the eyes. This then blends into red on the forehead; this represents anxiety and anger. I chose to do red on the forehead to show where the overthinking happens. Finally, the facial expression contradicts every colour on the face, thus creating the facade. 

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