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Lower Sixth Artwork

Guillermina Fuentes-Arquero created these two artworks below. This is what the pupil had to say about the work:

THE SHELL: This is an etching print of a shell that I completed from a biro sketch I did on it. As you can see it clearly shows the many linear compositions the shell has, bringing out its visual impact. I added a faded background around the shell which I thought would make it stand out.

THE PORTRAIT: This acrylic portrait is inspired form an artist called Samuel Rodriguez. I particularly like his style because he uses a great variety of colours and patterns, making it unique. He explores the theme of society and the different viewpoints there are within different cultures, ages and styles. Part of the painting shows a more realistic style such as the hair of the skin tones. The rest contrasts with it as it gives it a very modern and surreal touch. 

  • Guillermina Fuentes-Arquero, Shell

    Guillermina Fuentes-Arquero, Shell.jpg
    Guillermina Fuentes-Arquero, Shell
  • Guillermina Fuentes-Arquero - portrait

    Guillermina Fuentes-Arquero - portrait.jpg
    Guillermina Fuentes-Arquero - portrait