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Interactive online education at The London Oratory School

Operational Details

Interactive online education is being enabled from 1st April as a relatively 'light touch' exercise where Departments work towards a recommendation of up to 1-2 periods per class, per subject having an interactive element, using either Zoom or MS Teams.  That is a recommendation, note, and not a hard policy, or requirement.  It will be up to the individual teacher and the Department to work out how best to implement this.  Thus, the initiative as to which classes receive this method of delivery, on which timetabled slot, to what degree and by what means – Zoom or MS – is in the individual Department’s gift.

All notifications relating to interactive lessons, including when and how to access it, and any other relevant information, will be from subject teachers using Show My Homework, to the whole class, or relevant parts thereof, sufficiently in advance of the session.  Pupils will be logging onto that platform Monday to Friday in school time. 

Interactive contact need not take the whole period, or even be with the whole class - sessions could, for instance, be scheduled with half a group for part of one period and half for another period, if it helps - it really is intended to enable teachers to 'keep the handle turning', especially in core areas.  Flexibility is key.

Interactive contact, will only take place on regular timetabled slots.  There will be no additional timetable and sessions would last up to 40 minutes but could be much shorter inputs, scheduled at times within the existing timetable slot.

Whilst interactive online education is a possibility for all pupils, anticipate teachers targeting it primarily at examination focused classes.   As such, there may not be interactive activity in KS2 and KS3 until sometime after the Easter holidays.  Moreover, it will be contingent on teachers and pupils growing in confidence and familiarity with the technology.

In terms of expectations, you may see some activity in certain subjects before Easter, but you may not see this kind of activity in other subjects, or Key Stages, until some time after Easter, as Departments continue to build capacity and assess how best to use the approaches.

It is intended to be ‘another tool in the box’, to enable teachers additional flexibility in delivery and to prevent education from crumbling and collapsing completely. 

The spirit of this initiative is as follows: we are all – teachers, pupils, parents – trying to do the very best we can, with what we’ve got, in wide ranging and challenging individual, domestic and societal circumstances and we need to remain reasonable and realistic as to what is possible and of genuine educational value in the current context.

Do note the child and data protection protocols, and the consideration of the severe sanctions for pupil breaches, stored here.

There will be no interactive online education during the Easter holidays.

Thank you for you continued co-operation as we phase in this initiative over time.


Daniel Wright M.A (Cantab)

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