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3. Practising studiousness and intellectual seriousness

The following set of Rules and Regulations are intended to assist pupils in the pursuit of their studies and the execution of their associated activities.  Here, personal organisation, solid routines and academic rigour are all paramount.  Moreover, pupils are to adopt attitudes that are open and educable, and to be patient and persistent in the pursuit of their studies.  Superficiality and distraction need to be avoided and staff will help to counsel pupils in concentrating their focus and doing the hard work necessary to form the mind.

a. Pupil Diary

Pupils are to carry their Pupil Diary with them at all times.  At the beginning of each lesson, they are to place it on the desk in front of them, so that it is accessible to all staff.  They are to record their homework in it, in line with their teacher’s instructions.  Pupils are to ensure that parents sign the Pupil Diary each week for ongoing monitoring purposes, and to ensure that the communication channels between home and School are open and frequent.  It is a key component in ensuring the good organisation of pupil studies.

b. Academic integrity

Pupils are expected to be honest about their School work at all times; copying others’ work, plagiarism and cheating in coursework, school tests or examinations, are serious offences for which a pupil may be excluded from School.  In all cases regarding public examinations, all instances will be communicated to the appropriate awarding bodies and in some instances the pupil concerned may be withdrawn from some or all of their examinations.  In all cases a record will be kept on the pupil's file.  For all public examinations pupils must observe the regulations pertaining to that exam and these are published on the Examination Office notice board.

Pupils will not normally be allowed to enter as private candidates to sit public examinations at another school or examination centre.   Such requests should be made in writing to the Headmaster. 

c. Homework and Homework Tickets

Homework is an essential part of the normal curriculum and pupils cannot fulfil the requirements of the course unless they make a solid attempt at all of the homework set.  A pupil must enter the homework that has been set in their Pupil Diary.  Teachers will enter the homework on ‘Show My Homework’ and pupils and parents may check this information at home.  Homework should be completed on the day on which it is set.  Parents are asked to initial all main exercises to show that their child has spent the required amount of time on these and to sign their Pupil Diary each weekend.  Where a pupil appears to have an inadequate amount of homework, parents should inform the Headmaster. 

Pupils who fail to hand in work at the correct time may receive a homework ticket.  The procedure to be followed is printed on the ticket.  Pupils who fail to report at 8.20am with a homework ticket and work must report to the designated senior member of staff during afternoon form period that day. 

Pupils who receive five homework tickets in a term will have to attend Homework Centre from 3.45pm-4.45pm for one week.  They will be expected to report to the teacher on duty who will record their attendance.  Further accumulation of homework tickets may result in a Saturday Detention.

d. Use of the School computing facilities and Internet

The curriculum network and internet facilities at the School are provided for pupils to do homework, coursework, prep, undertake research and communicate with others.  Pupils should only use the computers for schoolwork, except during a co-curricular activity supervised by member of staff.  Pupils are expected to honour the agreement made with the School concerning the use of internet facilities.  Access is a privilege, not a right, and the privilege will be withdrawn if it is abused in any way.

Files, logs of internet use and e-mail messages sent and received, stored on servers or disks cannot be regarded as confidential and may be inspected by members of staff from time to time to ensure that the system is being used properly.  There are automatic programs which will search for unacceptable material and which will keep a record of all use of the networks by pupils.

Behaviour by a pupil which, either through social networks or the Internet, brings the good name and reputation of the School into disrepute, or any misuse of the School’s computer facilities by pupils, including accessing inappropriate web sites and materials or exchanging inappropriate e-mail messages, will be regarded as a very serious breach of school discipline.  Pupils and their parents should be aware that the provisions of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 apply to the use of computer facilities at the School by pupils and that pupils who breach the provisions of the Act may be prosecuted.

e. Mobile phones and personal computers

A pupil may not bring a mobile phone or a personal computer (smartphones, laptop, notebook, PDA, tablet etc.) to School.