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4. Practising self-command and personal orderliness

The following set of rules supports pupils in their self-management and personal orderliness, helping pupils to keep their lives simple, healthy and consistent.  These are essential for growth into maturity and for friendship within the community.  Unwise decisions in some of the domains set out below can have catastrophic consequences for the psychological, physical, mental and spiritual growth of pupils, and – in some cases – can have major educational and even criminal consequences, so we look to do our part in supporting parents in the work they do in these respects.

a. School meals and refreshments

All food and drink must be consumed in the Houseroom in which it is served.  Pupils may not purchase items, such as cartons of drink, to take away to consume later.

b. Food and drink generally

Pupils may bring 500ml bottles of water, but may not bring cans or cartons of drink or food into School, except when permission has been given on a particular occasion.  Water must only be consumed outside of classrooms and buildings and at break and lunchtimes.  Pupils may not consume food (or chew gum) in the street or while travelling on public transport in school uniform.

c. Personal property

All personal property, including uniform and sports kit, must be marked clear­ly with the owner's name.  Pupils must not bring expensive equipment to school unless with the prior approval of the Headmaster.  The School will not accept responsibility for loss of, or damage to, private property brought into or left in the School by pupils.  The School accepts no liability for the personal property of any users of the premises, including pupils.  Parents who are concerned about the loss of any particular item are strongly advised to arrange their own insurance to cover any possible loss.

Pupils taking part in Games, Swimming or PE, curricular or co-curricular, should hand valuables (watches, money, jewellery etc.) to the teacher-in-charge for safe keeping.  Teachers will not be expected to investigate the loss of items which have not been handed in.

d. Care of School property

Pupils are expected to take good care of all School property and parents will be asked to pay for any non-accidental or careless damage to School property.

Books, materials and equipment

All exercise and text books must be labelled properly and must not be defaced or damaged or have pages removed.  Pupils are expected to take proper care of all books, materials and equipment lent to them by the School.  Payment may be required for loss of or damage to any items which are the property of the School.  Pupils who do not take care of exercise books must buy a replacement and copy all work into the new book. 

Desks and Music Lockers

Desks must be kept tidy and in good order.  Pupils are responsible for the place where they sit in lessons and form periods and must report any damage or defacement to a teacher immediately.

Music locker keys must be kept carefully.  A deposit must be paid for the key and lost keys must be reported to the Music Administrator.

e. Tobacco, alcohol and so-called ‘legal highs’

The possession, distribution or smoking of tobacco or electronic cigarettes and the possession, distribution or consumption of alcohol or so-called ‘legal highs’ by pupils is an extreme breach of regulations for which the punishment will be fixed term or permanent exclusion. 

f. Illegal substances

The possession or use of drugs (other than those prescribed by a medical practitioner or non-prescription drugs being used for proper medical purposes) or other illegal substances by a pupil will be regarded as an extreme breach of regulations, for which a pupil will normally be excluded permanently from the School.  Drugs include any addictive, harmful or mind/mood altering substance.

The maximum penalty for selling, buying or distributing drugs or other illegal substances will be permanent exclusion; it will be at the discretion of the Headmaster to determine the level of sanction, in relation to all relevant circumstances and material facts. 

g. Forbidden items and activities

Except when under CCF regulations and supervision, possession of knives, firearms (including air guns) and ammunition, whether real or simulated, or other weapons will be regarded as an extreme breach of regulations.

Valuable items must not be brought into School unless permission has been sought from, and granted by, a member of staff.  In these circumstances the item should be lodged with the teacher concerned on arrival at School.

Electronic games
Electronic games may only be brought into School if they are needed for after school activities, or for activities organised by a teacher during the day, in which case the permission of the teacher concerned must be granted beforehand and the items must be lodged with him or her on arrival at School.

Watches and calculators
Pupils are advised not to wear expensive watches or carry expensive calculators to school.  Smart watches are forbidden and alarms on electronic watches, calculators etc. should be switched off at School to avoid unnecessary disruption or the item may be confiscated.

Chewing gum

In order to protect the school environment, chewing gum is not permitted and its possession or use will be regarded as a breach of School discipline.

Pupils must not bring stickers into School nor are stickers to be placed onto bags, folders, books and any other equipment brought to School.

Other items and activities
The following are strictly forbidden:

  • laser pens, pointers or any device emitting a laser beam;
  • scissors;
  • matches or lighters;
  • fireworks;
  • unseemly literature or pictures;
  • betting, gambling or playing for money.

h. Illicit material
The purchase, possession, distribution or accessing of illicit material, whether in print or digital format will be regarded as an extreme breach of the disciplinary code, with appropriate sanctions, and may result in criminal proceedings, depending on circumstances.

i. Electronic distractions
A pupil may not bring headphones, a personal radio, DVD, iPod or MP3 player into School.

j. Transactions

Pupils may not engage in trading, buying, selling or swapping any goods, money, services or favours.

k. Publicity
No pupil may give information or contribute photographs, articles, letters etc. concerning the School to any journalist or publication, other than an official School publication, or to any person who does not have a legitimate right to the information or items, without the specific permission of the Headmaster.  Unofficial social media sites linked to the School are not permitted.  Pupils using such sites call the School into disrepute and this will be seen as a serious breach of School Rules.