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Art & Design


Art and Design builds upon the knowledge and skills acquired at GCSE level, providing ample opportunities for pupils to explore areas of personal interest, experiment with a range of methods and approaches and to develop their own artistic style. Pupils are encouraged to be self-critical and adventurous in their approach, thoroughly documenting their own creative journey. Pupils are encouraged to seek inspiration from a variety of sources and to engage critically with the work of artists. To support pupils’ artistic development the department arranges visits to galleries and exhibitions. Drawing is a fundamental part of the course and working from direct observation forms the initial response to a project. Pupils analyse and record visual information that is then developed imaginatively and expressively in paint, printmaking, sculpture or other related media. The assessment schedule provides ample opportunity for pupils to respond creatively to open-ended titles. Pupils benefit from working in a department with a wide range of teacher expertise and a culture of experimentation which makes A level study creative, challenging and fulfilling.

Pupils will:

  • Through practice and experimentation develop highly refined skills in a broad variety of media and processes, from painting to printmaking.
  • Through research and discussion, develop the ability to talk and write about works of art.
  • Learn to work more independently, devising their own project starting point that allows them to explore avenues of personal interest.
  • Develop confident oral communication skills through small group discussions based on their own and other’s work.

Course specification