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The London Oratory School is amongst the few maintained schools to have a Combined Cadet Force (CCF). The CCF is badged to the Irish Guards and falls under the authority of LONDIST, enjoying plenty of opportunities for adventure and competition as a result of strong connections with both of those organisations.  

The academic year 2017 to date has seen the CCF come a close second to Dulwich College in the Guthrie Cup, and go on expedition to Northern Ireland. The CCF also came overall winners of the Skill at Arms competition for the second year in a row. With around 30-40 regular members in either the RAF or Army sections, we engage in regular Field Training Exercises, in addition to the various competitions, culminating in a summer camp; we are also incredibly proud to number amongst one of our membership a pupil who will go on to an Army Scholarship, sponsored by the army for a large part of his university studies!