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Fee for individual instrumental (including voice) tuition for the academic year 2018-2019.

The tuition fee does not include the loan of an instrument or the cost of music. 


£18.50 per half-hour lesson

(this charged is reviewed each year in June

for the following academic year)

Instruments may sometimes be available from the school on loan, for which a separate charge may be made.

Violin                       £35 per term

Cello/Bass               £50 per term

Wind/Brass             £45 per term

Fees will not be charged if tuition is provided as part of the syllabus of a prescribed public examination or is required under the National Curriculum.

Fees shall be paid one term in advance and will not normally be refundable. A full term’s notice is required in writing to the Director of Music (and not to the individual visiting teacher) to cease lessons. The final dates for notice each term are published on the school website.

Remissions of Charges

1   Junior House and Music Scholars

For pupils who are admitted to the Junior House, or as music scholars in the senior school, the fee for tuition for one musical instrument will be given a 50% remission. Any other tuition will be subject to the normal provisions for charges and the remission of charges.

2   Scholarships

Up to ten scholarships representing remission of 50% will be awarded to pupils of exceptional musical promise or ability. Application forms for scholarships may be obtained from the Music Administrator. Pupils who apply for scholarships will be auditioned and interviewed and account will be taken of general performance at school. Scholarships will be awarded separately for each instrument. As Junior House pupils and Music Scholars already have fees for one musical instrument remitted in full they are not entitled to a further Scholarship.

3   Bursaries

A small number of bursaries representing remission of 25%, 50% or, in exceptional circumstances, 100% will be awarded to pupils who show a strong interest in learning a musical instrument but whose family financial circumstances make it difficult for his parents to meet the full cost of the fees. Application forms for bursaries may be obtained from the Music Administrator. Pupils who apply for bursaries may be auditioned and interviewed and account will be taken of general performance at school and of the financial circumstances of the family. Factors considered will include eligibility for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium status. Bursaries will be awarded separately for each instrument. 

Scholarships and bursaries will be reviewed annually. Scholarships and bursaries may be withdrawn at any time during the year for pupils whose effort, progress or attendance at instrumental lessons are not satisfactory or who do not make a contribution to the musical activities of the school. 

Where a pupil fails without good reason to attend a lesson, the remission for that lesson will be forfeited and parents will be charged for that lesson.

The decision of the Headmaster in the matter of scholarships, bursaries and remission of fees shall be final.