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The Chemistry A Level course is designed to expand and build on the basics learnt at GCSE level, focusing on those topics that explain many aspects of the environment around us in terms of the material world.

The course provides an in-depth understanding of the structure of the atom and bonds between atoms. Pupils gain a thorough understanding of the logic contained within the Periodic Table, developing an understanding of patterns of properties of elements identified in the table. Pupils further explore the impact of a range of chemical reactions, considering: energy changes, speed, mechanisms of reactions and reversible reactions. Pupils explore environmental chemistry, organic (carbon compound) chemistry, electrochemistry and transition metals in particular depth. Pupils will be assessed for their understanding and problem solving through practical and theoretical work. Chemistry is an essential A level for pupils considering a medical-related career. Successful chemistry students are also able to study chemical engineering, materials science and the natural sciences.


Pupils will:

  • Understand how chemical theory explains every-day observations.
  • Understand chemical theory to a detailed level and be able to apply this to unfamiliar situations.
  • Perform relevant calculations to predict and explain observed phenomena.
  • Carry out practical experiments to obtain useful data.


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