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Classical Greek


Classical Greek at AS and A2 gives pupils the chance to build on their knowledge of the Greek language by studying a more authentic style of texts written by a wider range of authors. A consolidation of grammar and vocabulary allows pupils to appreciate the subtlety and flexibility of Greek, improving logical thought processes and conceptual understanding, and exposing them to a variety of texts which are central to the formation of our culture. These texts give direct access to a remarkable corpus of ancient literature, philosophy, history and law. In the lower sixth pupils will concentrate on developing their knowledge of the language as well as having the opportunity to read more widely Greek literary and historical texts. In the upper sixth pupils will engage in a more in-depth study of Homer’s Odyssey and Plato’s Apology. Pupils will become more familiar with the language by reading a wider range of authors, and translating from English into Greek.

Pupils will:

  • Develop their knowledge of the language by studying grammar to a higher level and by expanding their vocabulary.
  • Gain fluency in the language by translating from English into Greek and by reading a wide variety of Classical Greek prose and verse authors.
  • Study in depth a prose and a verse set texts from major writers and thinkers such as Homer and Plato.
  • Discuss and write about the complex literary, legal and historical themes raised by these texts.

Course Specification