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Design & Technology


A level Product Design is a rigorous and demanding course which provides pupils with the skills and knowledge to respond to real world problems. Pupils will develop their capacity to create solutions to design problems by exploring the complex relationship between products and people.

The qualification is made up of 50% coursework and 50% examination. The coursework unit comprises of a portfolio of the pupil’s design work and a working prototype of their design solution. Pupils work independently to meet demanding deadlines and the outcome offers huge insight to the capacity of pupils to solve problems creatively. Consequently, portfolios are frequently used at university interviews for architecture, engineering and design based courses.

The exam papers for both AS and A level require pupils to have a rich knowledge base of materials and manufacturing techniques, the role of the designer in society, as well as good analytical and evaluative skills. 15% of the marks awarded in the exam(s) will be


awarded for the application of scientific and mathematical knowledge to design-based scenarios.

This year sixth form pupils have enjoyed a visit to the Whitechapel Bell Foundry to consolidate their knowledge of historical and present day casting methods, as well as a tour of the New Designers Exhibition which showcases final year degree work from a range of design-based university courses.

Pupils will:

  • Derive their coursework project from set contexts at AS level or have freedom to choose their own coursework context at A level.
  • Study design in its wider social, moral and historical context.
  • Increase knowledge of materials and manufacturing technologies.
  • Work independently to study, research and develop project and time management, communication and practical skills.

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