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Discipline Statement


This Discipline Statement is a statement of the core values of the School as required by the Governing Body.  It forms an over-arching document, setting out the principles upon which discipline within the School is founded.  The Governing Body delegates to the Headmaster the power to draw up detailed Rules and Regulations prescribing further or more detailed rules of conduct for all pupils at the School.  Those Rules and Regulations are usually published and distributed at the beginning of the School Year. The Governing Body expects and requires of all pupils at the School compliance at all times with the Rules and Regulations.


The School, its pupils and their parents should feel confident that the aims, attitudes, expectations and values of the School and the home are in harmony and that there is a covenant of obligation and respect between all three parties.  Trust and responsibility are central to the relationship.

Pupils are expected to meet the expectations under which they are admitted to the School, keep the rules and regulations, show a proper regard at all times for the high standards and reputation of the School, maintain a smart appearance and in general to behave decently and with good sense.  They are expected to behave in an orderly, civilised and well-mannered way at all times, both in and out of School, showing proper courtesy and respect for others and not to behave in a way that might cause inconvenience or put at risk the health and safety of others, or cause damage to property.

By maintaining the rules and regulations and meeting the expectations of the Governors, teachers and of the wider School community, pupils will maximise their opportunities to enjoy the widest possible education at the School and to attain the respect of their fellow pupils.


Bullying, physical, verbal or through electronic, telephonic or other means, or the encouraging or supporting of bullying will not be tolerated and will be regarded as serious misconduct. 

Anyone who knows, or has good reason to suspect, that a pupil is being, or has been, bullied, or otherwise threatened or intimidated, has a responsibility to report the matter immediately.  Any pupil who is the victim of bullying can be assured that the matter will be dealt with sensitively but firmly.

The use of the internet, mobile telephones or any other electronic means by a pupil of the School to undermine or in any other way cause harm or damage to the name or reputation of any current or former member of staff or employee of the School will be regarded as serious misconduct. 

The Headmaster is required regularly to review this section of the Policy in the light of experience of the conduct of pupils both at the School and elsewhere in order to ensure that it takes account of up-to-date technologies.


The possession of cigarettes or smoking and the possession or consumption of alcohol by pupils while they are under the jurisdiction of or representing the School, will be regarded as serious misconduct for which a pupil might expect to be excluded from School. 

The possession or use of drugs (other than those prescribed by a medical practitioner or non-prescription drugs being used for proper medical purposes) or other illegal, or mood- or behaviour-altering substances will be regarded as very serious offences, for which a pupil might expect to be excluded permanently.

The buying, selling or distribution of drugs or other illegal, or mood- or behaviour-altering substances will be regarded as very serious disciplinary offences which will merit permanent exclusion from the School. 

The Governors delegate to the Headmaster full discretion as to which substances reasonably fall within the definition of "drugs", "illegal substances" and "mood- or behaviour-altering substances".


No pupil may give information or contribute photographs, articles, letters etc concerning the School to any journalist or publication, whether electronic or by hard copy, other than an official School publication, or to any person who does not have a legitimate right to the information or items, without the specific permission of the Headmaster. 


The Headmaster shall determine measures including the making of rules and regulations and provision for enforcing them, with a view to:

  • giving effect to the discipline policy statement of the Governing Body and any guidance which may be given from time to time by the Governing Body;
  • securing good order and a high standard of behaviour;
  • promoting self-discipline and a proper regard for authority;
  • encouraging good behaviour, proper respect for others and a sense of responsibility;
  • preventing all forms of bullying and improper discrimination; and
  • otherwise regulating the conduct of pupils.

    The measures determined by the Headmaster shall be publicised by him in the form of a written document, which he shall make known within the School and to parents of pupils at the School and which, at least once a year, he will take steps to bring to the attention of all pupils at the School, their parents and all persons employed, or otherwise engaged to provide their services, at the School.

Nothing in this statement or in any document published by the Headmaster, or the absence of any particular provision therein, should be read or taken as fettering or in any way prejudicing the proper exercise of discretion by the Headmaster in taking action which he may deem as necessary in meeting particular circumstances which may not be covered explicitly in this statement or in any document published by him in accordance with the provisions of this statement.

Paul Thimont

Chairman of Governors


This statement is made in accordance with the provisions of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998, section 61.