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Co-curricular enrichment at The London Oratory School is an essential part of what we provide.  All pupils, at whatever age, are actively encouraged to engage with the programme, broadening out their experience, and availing themselves of that all important wider cultural and personal exposure. 

The breadth and the depth of the programme is impressive: whether its Sport, Music, Drama, the cerebral, the practical or the imaginative, all are covered. A random slice of the School week could find boys variously: engaging in on-site early morning rugby training, or after school boxing training; or, off-site to represent the School in a Girls' Netball fixture; or, preparing for a rugby tour to Ireland; or rehearsing a treble part for an upcoming schola recital at a major metropolitan or international cathedral; or, performing in a jazz band in full swing to Glen Miller; or, in a classroom, critiquing jazz greats with a teacher with a shared passion; or, rehearsing Haydn in an integrated choir with adults connected to the school community; or, on the stage rehearsing a lead part, or up in the lighting box, mastering the lighting rig for an upcoming performance; or, on parade as part of CCF, or preparing for a CCF adventure; or, with rucksack at the ready, a quick visit to Friday morning voluntary mass, before catching the coach out to the Surrey Hills for a Duke of Edinburgh expedition; or, finding the time to explore the philosophical bases of reality with a teacher with a shared passion. 

The options are limitless and all pupils are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities on offer! The research on pupils who engage whole-heartedly in such healthy co-curricular pursuits is emphatic: it is absolutely vital to the development of stable, rounded and balanced character.  All staff commit to contribute to this programme as part of their vocation to teach at The London Oratory School, sharing their talents, interests and enthusiasms with the pupils: it is, similarly, one of those dimensions that can make teaching at the Oratory such a rewarding and personally satisfying - but demanding - vocation.