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Amongst the features that distinguish the School is its broad enrichment programme.  All staff commit to contribute to this programme as part of their vocation to teach at this School.  We strongly believe that education is much more than academic study and the life of the mind, important as that no doubt is.  Participation in a wide range of activities can become a fitting context and arena for the development of Catholic character.  At the School, societies range from Angling to Warhammer, and encompass both the active and more cerebral activities.  We recommend that pupils engage in at least one co-curricular activity each week, availing themselves fully of the opportunities on offer.  Amongst the distinctive elements of the co-curricular programme include: Games that comprises of rugby, hockey, water polo, athletics, cricket and boxing training; participation in the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme and/or the Combined Cadet Force; high end dramatic productions, with scope for involvement at both a technical and performance level; and, a rich and engaging schedule of musical performances, from solos to duets, and from chamber pieces to full orchestral performances, all within the challenging material of the western classical tradition.