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French A level builds on the skills developed at GCSE, giving pupils the ability to understand spoken and written French at a high level whilst also providing pupils with the tools to communicate confidently in written and spoken form. As well as building on the technical aspects of learning French, pupils gain insights into the rich culture of the Francophone world. In preparing for examinations pupils will look at literature, follow the news, immerse themselves in all aspects of French culture: ranging from art and literature to the latest trends in music.

Studying a language to A level requires commitment and a genuine enthusiasm for expanding vocabulary and precision in communication and a willingness to keep reviewing and practising the language.

French A level provides a foundation for further study in languages, a rewarding and highly valued lifelong skill and insights into how other people communicate in today’s world.

Pupils will:

  • Develop their spoken French through participation in class debates, role plays and discussions.
  • Develop their understanding of spoken French through watching plays, films and news reports in French.
  • Develop a secure foundation of the key grammatical structures of the language through practice exercises and exposure to more complex rules and patterns of speech.
  • Through preparation for the speaking examination, research an area of interest in modern French life and culture, such as aspects of French-speaking society or responses to immigration.