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Geography A level is a relevant and engaging course which balances physical and human geography. Some topics are familiar to students of Physical Geography such as Natural Hazards in a changing world but we also aim to examine key contemporary issues such as Climate Change, Water Conflicts, The Carbon Cycle and Globalisation. Fieldwork will form an essential part of the A level syllabus and there may be opportunities for overseas excursions.

The course aims to build on the geographical knowledge and skills acquired at GCSE and in so doing stimulate an interest in pupils of real world issues. We will investigate the interrelationships between the human and physical worlds, how they affect each other and how they might be managed for a sustainable future.

We live in a fast changing, highly media orientated world. The wide and cross-cutting syllabus offered through Geography will build invaluable transferable skills and approaches to life beyond school.

Pupils will:

  • Acquire knowledge and understanding of geographical concepts, developing transferable skills so that unfamiliar situations can be appreciated and reviewed.
  • Develop the ability to discuss, interpret, and make judgements on opposing points of view.
  • Collate and interpret information from a variety of sources including research articles, all media opportunities, GIS, textbooks and fieldwork data.
  • Develop organisational presentational skills to present research materials intelligently and informatively.

Course Specification