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Intellectual Life

The intellectual life of Junior House is made up of discrete subjects taught be specialist teachers, sometimes in specialist classrooms, located in the senior school.  At the base of the curriculum is RE, where pupils learn about their Catholic faith, how to grow into it, and how to express this through music.  Expect wider reflection on the life of faith and the Catholic habit of being and seeing to infuse all parts of the curriculum!  Music, Italian and Latin are also features, given the more traditional emphasis of the style of worship which makes up the Oratorian charism.  In addition to this, pupils study English and Mathematics, and have the advantage of specialist facilities in the senior school for Science (labs), and Art and DT (studios and workshops, respectively).  History, Geography and PE also feature on the curriculum, as does IT.  Of course, all Junior House pupils have full access to the swimming pool, and we focus on ensuring that all pupils are able to swim by the time they transition into the senior school.