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Junior House


Not quite a primary school, and not quite the Senior School proper, Junior House is a quirky, joyful feature of the School, which we like to refer to as 'Hobbit House'! We like to call it 'Hobbit House' because it is a nurturing place where our smaller members of the school do hobbity sorts of things, like learning to keep life simple, to be courageous, and to be joyful, especially through the specialist musical education that they have been admitted onto through entrance to the School. And, of course, coming to The London Oratory as a 7 year old is something of an adventure and hobbits are up for an adventure, given suitable encouragement and nurturing!

Junior House was founded with the blessing of Cardinal Basil Hume.  Its founding intention was to prepare pupils musically such that they could enrich the music associated with the liturgical life of their parishes, as they grow.  Through a specialist education in the treasures of the Catholic heritage we hope that Junior House pupils will 'give something back' to their parishes well beyond their time at the Oratory.  Needless to say, Cardinal Hume's vision remains at the centre of the Junior House's raison d'etre, so expect Music, Italian, Latin and RE to feature prominently on the curriculum.  

Despite being our youngest members of the School, Junior House boys are full members of the School, and, despite being a sort of ‘school within a school’ have full, supervised use of all of the School’s facilities such as Science laboratories, Computing rooms, Technology workshops, Library, and, of course, the Swimming Pool. They also follow a curriculum more akin to secondary school than to a primary school, with discrete subjects taught by specialists - great preparation for the next step!

We admit Catholic boys aged 7 to 11 to the Junior House on the presumption that they will remain full members of the School right up to and including the Fifth Form, at least.  As such, we ask families to discern very carefully as to whether they feel this long term commitment is the right decision for you as a family, at this particular stage.  This includes the presumption of sustained commitment to the specialist music course 'course package' as pupils transition into the senior school, including the demanding precision and performance schedules that this implies.