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Covid-19 Comms and Operations



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As explained in the notice issued by the School during the week of 23rd March  - and available for reference here -the School is following closely the information coming from Government, Examination Boards and other Advisory Bodies to build a picture of what will replace the formal examinations. On 26th March, the examinations regulator Ofqual issued the following statement here. We will keep you updated as we know more.



In the week of 29th June we are offering all fourth form pupils an opportunity to attend school to have some time with subject specialists in core GCSE subjects – English, Maths, Sciences, RE and Modern Foreign Language. There may also be an opportunity to meet with staff in some of the option subjects to raise any questions or collect any resources.

We are only permitted to bring 25% of the year group in at any time. You will see below which pupils will attend on which day. The day will begin at 9.00am and formal lessons will conclude at 3.10pm. From 3.10pm – 3.40pm some teachers will be available for subject specific enquiries.

Pupils will be expected to attend in full school uniform and bring with them any books or equipment needed for the subjects listed above.                                                                          

A school packed lunch will be provided for each pupil on the day they are attending.

On arrival on site pupils must not enter the building until they have reported to the area in front of Reception where they will find instructions and access information.

We very much hope to see as many fourth form as possible in school next week but we do understand that this is not going to be possible for all. Health and transport considerations will undoubtedly have an impact on some decisions.  As next week has been designated for revision for the timed tasks, which all fourth form pupils will be doing the following week, pupils who remain at home across this week will still have plenty of material to keep them engaged in their studies.

Monday 29th June:       
All of 4C 
and 4F surnames A-K

Tuesday 30th June:      
4F surnames L - W
and all of 4H

Wednesday 1 July:       
All of 4M
and 4O surnames A –H

Thursday 2 July:           
4O surname J – Z
and all of 4S



We have received some enquiries from parents as to what will be happening in terms of internal formal assessments scheduled for the Trinity term. For the present, pupils should continue to work to the published dates:

- Monday 27th April: Fourth Form Examination week

- Monday 18th May: Junior House Assessment week (CAT II)

- Monday 1st June: First and Second Form Assessment week (CAT II)

- Friday 5th June: Lower Sixth Assessment week (RAT II).

We will keep this under review. Depending on how long the school is closed we may need to move dates on. In any planning, we will give consideration to how long the pupils have been away from their lessons and make adjustments to the timing and content of assessments accordingly.

Online Learning Guide

Remote Learning Guidance for Pupils and Parents: read here.

Online Educational Resources to Support Children to Continue Learning at Home

We have published a list of online resources that parents, and schools can consider to support children to continue learning at home. The list will be updated over time, and includes a wide range of resources for all ages that schools can consider using as part of their planned curriculum. Schools have already been drawing on existing resources and tools they are familiar with to support children to continue learning at home and should continue to do so. More information can be found here:

Please find more information on Interactive Online Education here

Helpful link here:



Please note the following link on online safety: 
Note also the existing links on leading a balanced Digital Life currently on our School website here

The Metropolitan Police, as part of the Safer Schools scheme, has created a series of short interactive videos to help keep children safe at home. You can view the video here.

Further resources here:

  • Thinkyouknow (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online)
  • Internet matters (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Parent info (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • LGfL (support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online)
  • Net-aware (support for parents and careers from the NSPCC)

Safeguarding and Child Protection:

On joining the online classroom, it is assumed that:

1. Parents consent fully to their child engaging in online education, simply by the fact that their pupils have logged on from a home-based remote device.  If parents do not consent to this, then they must opt out and prevent their pupils from logging on, notifying their Housemaster that they do not wish to engage with interactive online education.

2. Parents understand fully that it is contingent upon at least one parent being present in the home-setting, close to the vicinity of the pupil for the duration of the sessions.

3. Parents understand fully that staff may choose to record the sessions they give for training and quality purposes; this will include pupil audio, chat and video input.

4. Pupils must be engaging in online education in spaces that are not private, such as bedrooms.

5. Pupils must be smartly and appropriately dressed: smart, but casual, as a minimum.  The teacher can insist on full school uniform for online sessions; defaulting pupils can be excluded.

6. Teachers have full power to ‘mute’, or to stop the video, or delete the chat of pupils, excluding disruptive or inappropriate pupils from the group, if, in teachers’ judgement the pupils are not entering into the spirit and the letter of the experience with maturity.  Sanctions – including exclusion from online education – may follow.

7. Parents are not permitted to intervene in the lessons.

8. Teachers will inform parents of the extent to which pupils have logged on to the sessions at regular intervals.

9. All correspondence between teachers and pupils and teachers and parents relating to the use of Zoom or Teams must be via School emails; the sharing of mobile phone numbers or private emails is strictly forbidden.


Please find our Behaviour Management Addendum here.  

View the School's Behaviour Policy and Disciplinary Statement here

Contacting staff  

LOS Staff Email Contact List: read here.


Updated Calendar as of 27th March 2020: read here.


Goods and Services to Help The Community
If you are a supplier of goods or services that can help alleviate some of the pressures families are experiencing at this time – and would welcome a free space to let the wider community know about your goods and services, please forward a flyer or link to Mrs Robinson on  While the school cannot endorse products, we’re happy to let parents know about goods and services they may need. 

Nature's Choice Home Delivery: read here.

Flint Wines Home Delivery: read here.

At this difficult time some people may appreciate the opportunity to have a case of fine wine delivered to their front door.  Flint Wines are an independent wine company who work with directly with over 150 estates around the world to offer its customers an honest, informed and comprehensive level of service.  If anyone is interested in finding out more or ordering wine please contact   

Urgent Appeal To Help Homeless People Stay Safe From Coronavirus 
See message from The Passage: here.

key workers and vulnerable pupils

The government has issued a list of those defined as ‘Key Workers or Vulnerable Pupils’ here

If you have submitted the relevant request form, and the School has contacted you to confirm an emergency place, then please ensure your child is in School, according to the instructions set out on the form.  Please be reminded of the government advice with which the School must strictly comply:

We have asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible, and for schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend . . . the fewer the children making the journey to school, and the fewer children in educational settings, the lower the risk that the virus can spread and infect vulnerable individuals in wider society. 

Do note: we do need the relevant request form to assess, regardless as to whether you have notified the School of your desire for an emergency place either by telephone, email, or in person.

If you need to, and have not done so already, please complete the form here



The Time to Talk Here to Listen Team have elected to conduct counselling exclusively by telephone.  Please email or email your child’s counsellor directly to arrange. If you are a sixth form pupil, an enhanced service is available by simply texting: 07827 927380.  A counsellor will respond to your text via telephone.


Please do contact the Housemasters or Mr Mantio if concerned about any pupil or family at this time (see staff contact list in the link above.)

Please find more information in the Safeguarding Addendum here

View the School's Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy here

FREE school meals

Please find the link to the government guidance here.  In sum:

We have confirmed that we will give schools the flexibility to deliver meals or provide shop vouchers to children entitled to free school meals if they are no longer attending school, either due to closures or as a result of self-isolating at home.

Schools will be able to provide meals or vouchers for supermarkets or local shops, which can be sent directly to families who are either self-isolating at home or whose schools are closed on government advice. Final rates will be confirmed in the coming days, but we have confirmed that the voucher value for each eligible child will exceed the rate that schools are paid for free school meals, recognising that families will not be buying food in bulk and may therefore incur higher costs.

Clearly, this will take some time to implement. In the meantime:

Contact your child’s Housemaster if you need immediate support. If so, I will instruct the catering service to prepare lunches in paper bags. Either these can be collected from school, or from a mutually agreed collection point.

As an alternative – once the supermarkets have re-stocked – we will purchase supermarket/local shop vouchers and email them to parents. If you currently receive Free School Meals and are in need of support, please contact your Housemaster asap and we will see that support is given. At this time of supply shortage, if you do not qualify for FSM but are in dire circumstances (or know of others who are), then please we need to know. We will be able to source sensitive, anonymised and immediate help.

At this time, also, please be vigilant to email and telephone scams. These may come in the form of emails asking for your bank details because you qualify for FSM, or from phone calls purporting to be from official bodies.

careers information for 3rd FORM - Vi form PUPILS

Words for Work: Career Corner

To support pupils while schools and colleges are closed and businesses are working from home the National Literacy Trust has put together an employability checklist. These activities and resources will help pupils boost their skills and imagine their next steps.

Each week they will be featuring exclusive content to give pupils a glimpse into what it is like to work in particular industries.

For 3rd-5th Form: 

Start is a free and comprehensive digital platform, offering schools and colleges a single starting point to help simplify and improve careers guidance.

Here are some helpful resources:

Find more 3rd form Careers Information here.

And you'll find Careers Information for 5th and VI Form here at Learn Lounge, a new online education initiative launched by Springpod to support students, teachers and parents, as we collectively work towards a better way of learning and education. This free online festival is part of their commitment to ensure that the careers education experience goes on, despite the challenges that our nation and the world faces today. You can see the full schedule at

Cyber School

The government has launched a new cyber school for 14 -17 year olds.  You will learn to crack codes, fix security flaws and dissect criminals’ digital trails while progressing through the game as a cyber agent.  This will help you develop important skills needed for future jobs, particularly in cyber security.   There will be free weekly webinars run by industry experts teaching fundamental security disciplines such as digital forensics, cryptography and operating systems.  Please click on the link below for further information.

My Week of Work 8-12 June

The London Enterprise Adviser Network is working with Oak National Academy to provide a programme of careers sessions looking at goal setting, employability skills and labour market information. Each day there will be four sessions aimed at 4th form but also relevant for 3rd form and even 5th form. Accompanying this will be an employer led Q+A series on Learn Live.  

The week-long sequence of sessions will enable young people to find out about sectors and specific roles in a range of industries and take part in projects that mirror typical workplace challenges.  To register please visit the website


View Daily Masses here.

Virtual art gallery 

View artwork from 3rd Form to A Level here.


The History Department have released the LOS History Companion which can be found hereDo take a look and see what captures your interest. This is not just for those studying history; there is lots for all pupils, staff and families to enjoy and get involved in. You will find ideas for a good read, some interesting viewing and listening recommendations, courses to try, virtual journeys and visits to make, as well as some ideas for local and family history projects. You might also like to try The London Oratory School History Mastermind quiz.  The History Department will be eager to hear about any experiences inspired by the LOS History Companion


While School is closed to pupils we have set a number of challenges for pupils in first, second and third form which altogether can form a Record of Achievement to present on return to School. This is a voluntary activity. You might choose to focus on one challenge in your favourite subject which can then be shown to your teacher and the relevant department when you return to School. If you feel ready for a bigger challenge you might select more of the activities and do a little each day to compile your Record. The challenges are meant to be done over weeks, in your leisure time. See the challenges here


Now that we are coming to the time the fifth form and upper sixth form would have been commencing their Study Leave we have prepared a Bridging Bundle to advise on how pupils may wish to use their time to engage in individual study and preparation, with their next educational step in mind, or simply for the intrinsic pleasure of it. The Bridging Bundle can be viewed here. 


Please enjoy some of the work that the Junior House have been doing during the lockdown, click here.

View Scientist of the Week here. There will be a new Scientist of the Week every week!

You can also view 30 Days Wild J1 here, and 30 Days Wild J2 here, and 30 Days Wild J3 here

You'll find the Junior House Record of Achievement challenges here

Art Projects for School have made their online activity books free of charge, you can view activity books filled with questions, puzzles and challenges here

Hayden from J4 played the Last Post for his neighbours on VE Day. You can watch the video here. Well done Hayden!

In further news, J3 and J4 have been learning about the Italian artist Arcimboldo who lived in the 16th century. He is most famous for his portraits of human heads made up of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and all sorts of other things. Some children had a go at creating a work of art in the style of Arcimboldo and wrote great sentences to describe it. Take a look here to see their work. Bravissimi!

Nature Film

John-Henry in J1 has made a nature film with the help of Gabriel and Michael for the Nature Film competition.

My experience making the film: I really enjoyed making the film and would like to make more. I learnt a lot about nature. Woodlice like to live under rocks and bricks, there is lots to discover inside a flower and it is not just beautiful on the outside. I had fun putting the film together and editing it with my brother. I learnt how to use i-movie and cut clips and add music to make the film more exciting. 

I learnt that we have to hold the camera very still when filming, something we didn’t always manage to do and be patient. I enjoyed doing the presenting and would like to be an actor and director when I grow up. The actor/director who got me interested in doing films is Kenneth Branagh who acted Hamlet and directed the film. I also like Deadly 60 and would like to do what Steve Backshall does. 



With summer holidays fast approaching we are excited to share The Reading Agency’s fabulous Summer Reading Challenge 2020. Here you can; set yourself a reading challenge, record your reading, earn badges, play games and much more. 
Miss Clements   


Sign up here for The Reading Agency’s fabulous Summer Reading Challenge 2020.  You can; set yourself a reading challenge, record your reading, earn badges, play games and much more. 

Test your literary knowledge with these book related quizzes.  
Authors' real names? - quiz 
General book quiz 
The Ultimate David Walliams Quiz 

Looking for reading suggestions? Try some of the 9 best historical novels – as chosen by  historians. 

The team behind World Book Day have provided free access to a range of popular children’s audiobooks, which range from picture books through to teen fiction. Check out the collection below 

Book Reviews
Click here to read the latest reviews. 

Enter the draw to win a copy of the brand new Hunger Games novel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes 

Celebrate 150 years of Charles Dickens with this timeless collection of stories retold for younger audiences. 

Reading around the world
The lockdown reading challenge is to read a book written by an author from each continent or set in each continent. Pupils should note which books they read—with a short review—on the map here.  If Pupils meet the challenge they should hand their sheets to their Housemaster/ ADS or Miss Devaney once they return to school—and perhaps write a short report on what they read/ enjoyed/ discovered. 

Below are links to a few websites that might help pupils find books:
A Year of Reading The World
Staff and parent participation in the challenge is welcome!

National Literacy Trust
Please find useful information from the National Literacy Trust here

ordering school photographs

The Upper Sixth, First Form, Wind Orchestra, Chamber Choir and Junior String Orchestra photographs are now available to purchase online at: 
Token: eazva32020            

Furthermore, photographs of the rugby teams, prefects, music and other groups which were taken at the school on 25th February and 12th March are now available to purchase on line at:
Please click here for the specific code for the photo you wish to order.  



It is important to continue to exercise during the School closure, so please find a document here which was distributed to pupils via Show My Homework. When you have scores, feel free to submit them on the blue results tab (there is a category for parents/adults) and soon you'll be able to compare your results with others in the school. We will look to set out some more challenges over the next few weeks. 


Job Opportunities:

HATS provides non-emergency patient transport and special needs transport. 
HATS are now assisting in the effort to combat the outbreak, including transport roles and food preparation for NHS workers. Find out more:

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital are recruiting: