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According to the old Czech proverb: learn a new language, acquire a new soul!  With so many of our pupils having English as an Additional Language, there must be many divided or tripartite souls amongst our pupil and parental body!   At The London Oratory we study French, German and Spanish, all to GCSE.  All that said, learning a foreign language opens minds to understanding other people. It leads to encounters with people from many backgrounds and you find out about and experience new cultures whilst reflecting on your own. Learning a new language can be fun and useful, be it for travelling, or for making new friends across cultures.  Moreover, one of the most important skills in the international market of today is the ability to communicate in more than one language – and, according to a relatively recent economist article, those who are able to speak German go on to number themselves amongst the higher bracket of earners!  A precision subject that is to the humanities what mathematics is to the sciences, Modern foreign Languages communicates to employers that you have considerable accuracy and ability.


Whether in French, German or Spanish, pupils will study a wide variety of topics (such as travel, school life, family, free time, various cultural aspects of the TL country) using the four skills at KS3, KS4 and KS5.  Pupils study the grammar of the target language, and its application, how to express themselves using a range of vocabulary and structures, as we as developing a senses of cultural awareness.  They also develop an understanding of the spoken and written forms of F/G/S in a range of contexts, including materials from countries and communities where these languages are spoken

The content of the course covers the following three topics:

Identity and culture

Local, national, international and global areas of interest

Current and future study and employment


Qualification Pathway:      GCSE

Examination Board:           

Method of Assessment: