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Pastoral Support

Whilst it may appear somewhat daunting to admit primary school aged boys to a senior school, do rest assured that the pupils are strongly supported through the various pastoral and academic structures and staff. The emphasis in the Junior House is very much on providing a nurturing environment in which young boys can flourish. On joining, pupils become members of a form group and are under the oversight of their Housemaster, making a discrete House within the pastoral structure. Teacher:pupil class ratios are significantly lower than in the majority of other state-funded primary schools, enhancing the quality of personalised and tailored support.  Moreover, the boys have their own designated Chaplain and their own designated building, located near the Music rooms and Arts Centre, their own playground space and they follow a timetable that avoids pressure points with the Senior School. Throughout their time in Junior House, all boys remain members of the same form and same House, ensuring stability of friendship group and continuity. Junior House pupils are on the flight path to entry into the Senior School.