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Pastoral Support

We recognise that any effective education must involve strong pastoral support, however old the pupils. As such, at the Oratory, Sixth Form pupils are allocated to a form, under the direction of a Form Teacher, comprising of some 20 pupils; an Assistant Director of Sixth Form has direct oversight of their immediate pastoral issues, and supports them in their studies through our monitoring and tracking process. Assistant Directors of Sixth Form report and refer any major concerns to the Assistant Head for Sixth Form (Pastoral). Having an Assistant Head dedicated to Sixth Form pastoral issues thus strengthens the level of support. Sixth Form pupils also continue within their House structure, with new pupils joining us being suitably allocated to one of our six Houses.  Housemasters thus also become important points of contact in looking out for Sixth Form pupils and acting as a sounding board for their development. Sixth Form pupils are also ably served by our wider pastoral structures and personnel, which include amongst them a strong, supportive and proactive counselling team, and a full time Chaplain.