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Photograph Policy

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The School is obliged to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 when it takes or publishes photographs of its pupils.  The London Oratory School will always try to act in the best interest of the pupils and, as far as it legally can, it will take parental preferences into account.

The Data Protection Act gives children rights over their own data when they are considered to have adequate capacity to understand.  Most children will reach this level of understanding at around age 12.  For this reason, for most pupils in a secondary school, it will normally be up to the individual child to decide whether or not to be photographed.  Where the School considers that the child does not have the capacity to make such a decision the School will act as it considers to be in the best interests of the child and in doing so will take account of any stated parental preference.

If you wish to express a preference for the School to avoid taking or publishing photographs of your child in certain circumstances, then please indicate your preferences using the attached form.  If no preferences are expressed, then we will act in accordance with the principles expressed in this policy.

Ordinarily the following rules will apply to photographs in this school:

Photographs for Internal Use

  • The School will take photographs for its own use.  Usually these will be unnamed photographs and will generally be for internal school use but may also include photographs for publication, such as photos for the prospectus, or for our in-house publications, namely The Review, and/or The Oratorian, or to show as slides at an event for parents.  Unnamed photographs may also be used on display boards which can be seen by visitors to the School.
  • When the photograph is taken, the pupils will be informed that a photograph is being taken and told what it is for so that they can object if they wish.
  • If the School wants to use named photographs then it will obtain specific consent first. For most pupils this will be pupil consent as explained above but parental wishes will be taken into account.


Media Use

  • The School will give proper consideration to the interests of its pupils when deciding whether to allow external organisations to take photographs or to film. 
  • When the Media are allowed to be present in school or at school events, this will be on the condition that they observe this policy.
  • Where the Media are allowed to be present at a particular event the School will make sure that pupils and their parents or carers are informed of the media presence.  If no objection is received, then the School will assume that unnamed photographs may be published.
  • If the Media entity wants to publish named photographs then they must obtain specific consent from those pupils with capacity to consent or the parents of those without capacity.  The School will require the Media entity to check with the School before publication so that the School can check that any objections have been taken into account.


Family Photographs at School Events

  • It shall be at the discretion of the School whether photographs may be taken at a School event.  Please be advised that the recording of School events, whether image and/or sound, is prohibited.
  • Family and friends taking photographs for the family album will not be covered by Data Protection legislation.
  • Where the School decides to allow such photography, the family and friends will be asked not to publish any photographs showing children other than their own on the internet.

Child’s name:                                                                                   Form:



Dear Pupil and Parent,


At The London Oratory School, we sometimes take photographs of pupils.  We use these photographs in the School’s prospectus, and in the termly Review, the annual Oratorian, on the School’s website and on display boards around the School.  We also use them in publications and programmes related to our Sport, Music and Drama activities.


You may be aware that there are new data protection rules coming in from May 2018.  To ensure we are meeting the new requirements, we need to seek, or re-seek pupil consent to take and use these photos of you (pupil)/your child.  We really value using these photographs, to be able to showcase what pupils do in School and show what life at our School is like to others, so we would appreciate you taking the time to give consent.


We would like your consent to take photos of you (pupil)/your child, and use them in the ways described above.  If you’re not happy for us to do this, that’s no problem – we will accommodate your preferences.



  1. Unnamed photographs



  1. I would prefer that unnamed photographs of me (pupil)/my child are not used in






  1. I would prefer that unnamed photographs of my child are not used for School use for


wider publication:


  • School prospectus, The Review and The Oratorian


  • Publications, such as programmes, that are related to School Sport, Music &


Drama activities


  • School website


  • Display boards




  1. I would prefer that an unnamed photograph of my child does not appear in any


external publication, including any publications that contain information about the School’s sporting, musical or drama activities.



  1. Named photographs



  1. I would prefer that named photographs of my child are not used in School.




  1. I would prefer that named photographs of my child are not used in any School






  1. I would prefer that named photographs of my child are not used on the School






Please turn over…



  1. I would prefer that named photographs of my child do not appear in any external


non-school publication that the School has authorised as being able to publish photographs of its pupils.



If you change your mind at any time, simply inform us by emailing, calling the School on 0207 385 0102 or just popping in to Reception.


If you have any other questions, please do get in touch.



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