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Senior School


For Catholic boys, aged 11-16

The Senior School, for pupils aged 11 to 16, comprises the largest section of the School. In a nutshell, it provides a well-structured,disciplined environment that offers boys the affirmation, encouragement and clear lines that enable them to become decent, young Catholic men, Oratorian style, capable of moving with relative ease and urbanity in the world. The crux of our educational philosophy can be expressed in the following dictum:

If the bar of expectation for boys is set low, then they will scrape under it; but, if the bar of expectation is set high, then they will leap over it.

And here, we look to give all the support, encouragement, affirmation - and discipline - required to enable our boys to leap over the challenges of faithful living and working, fitting them with all the intellectual, spiritual and character tools necessary to make a success of their onward path.