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Sixth Form


The London Oratory School Sixth Form experience is distinctive in that a greater degree of personal responsibility is assumed, and pupils are supported into this. Moreover, scope is provided for wider conversation and intellectual and cultural exposure, creating opportunities that will ensure pupils are able to move confidently in the world after their departure. Whilst recruiting predominantly from internal pupils, the Sixth Form is open to external applicants, including girls. The latter form an important, integrated element of the School, and have been a much valued part of the Sixth form since its inception in 1970.  

Through its offer of a traditional, high currency set of A-levels and its wider curriculum, it aims to promote the intellectual virtues of studiousness and intellectual seriousness. It emphasises exposure to the very best that has been thought, said and done across a diverse range of human experience and endeavour. 

Whilst admissions from the Oratory Sixth Form into Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities are fiercely competitive by any measure, with Oxbridge entrance customarily reaching into double figures, and Russell Group entrance hovering around the 75% mark,  pupils also transition successfully on to a wide range of other strong universities and competitive pathways. Whatever the chosen pathway, pupils can be assured of very experienced pastoral, academic and other specialist support. Careers advice in the Sixth Form is exceptionally focused and enables all pupils to have as full an exposure to the wealth of opportunities the world of work can provide, in addition to supporting pupils into discerning where their own individual strengths may lie.    

Sixth Form pupils are expected to play a full part in the wider life of the School, especially its House, co-curricular and religious life.  There are plenty of opportunities for meaningful leadership roles through the Senior Prefect positions, where senior staff mentor pupils into the initial challenges of leadership and of taking on responsibility for others. 

Whether pupils are joining us as externals, or progressing through to the Sixth Form internally, we provide full support in becoming a fully fledged Sixth Form Oratorian in no time at all!