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Spiritual Life

The boys’ formal spiritual formation consists of a non-negotiable diet of daily prayer, fortnightly Chapel, half-termly Benediction, annual retreats and regular Religious Education, in addition to a number of whole School masses at the Brompton Oratory throughout the year on important days of fast and feast. The School's Annual Carol Service is also held at the Brompton Oratory Church on the last day of the Michaelmas Term.  Pupils are invited to participate in voluntary Rosary groups, sacramental confession, and, of course, Mass, all of which take place on a weekly basis.  Pupils are carefully instructed in serving and reading at Mass. The Headmaster takes the morning service in the Chapel, and, on a weekly basis, shares one of the reflections with parents via the Newsletter. The School is blessed to receive the services of a full time Chaplain, in the form of Fr George, himself a Father of the Brompton Oratory. 

Whilst we understand that boys will have their varying degrees of personal engagement with the faith, especially as they move through adolescence, we feel it important that all boys are confronted with the challenge of coming to terms with ‘that which neither eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard.’  Moreover, in instilling into pupils the good habits of worship, meditation and openness to friendship with God, we very much hope to fortify them against life's challenges, when the floods and storms of life provide adverse currents and  strong headwinds.