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St Philip Neri Library

The St Philip’s Library is a beautifully designed space in the heart of the school.  With a book stock of over twenty seven thousand volumes, it boasts amongst the best stocked maintained school libraries in the land, with titles and periodicals to suit both the intellectual connoisseur and those with a broader palate. Such titles are expressive of the intellectual culture of the Common Room, many of whom regularly select classic titles in relevant fields to share with pupils to support them in their intellectual growth, handing on the very best that has been thought and said.

The library also has modern computer facilities and pupils can book laptops to use during afternoon study periods or after school. The Library is open to all pupils before and after School and the younger pupils use it on a rota during the lunch break. It is staffed by two Librarians who are assisted by enthusiastic pupil librarians. All pupils are instructed in the use of the Library and its facilities and are actively encouraged to develop their leisure and academic interests through the books and other material available to them.