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Strategic Direction

Distinctively Catholic

  1. To be a flagship School for the Catholic character development of pupils, forming a Catholic conscience, and fitting pupils to move with courage, thoughtfulness and decency in a globally interconnected world
  2. To be a School with varied, unique and distinctive opportunities for pupil growth and contribution, especially in the fields of sport, music, drama and adventure-based learning
  3. To be a highly efficient, well-structured and well-ordered School, staffed with empathetic, energetic and expert educational staff, actively committed to excellence in all curriculum, teaching and professionally relevant fields
  4. To be a School with first class, tasteful and inspiring educational facilities
  5. To be an open, communicative and collaborative School within the Oratorian charism, engaging positively with the challenge of faithful living and working in the 21st century
  6. To capture and harness the affection, loyalty and active support of pupils, parents and supporters, past, present and future, to sustain and build a supportive community over time, living out the meaning of ‘heart speaking to heart’