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The Governing Body

Foundation Trust Governors                   

Paul Thimont, Esq Chairman                     

Paul Harrington, Esq Vice Chairman         

Charles Doyle, Esq                                      

The Very Revd Ignatius Harrison                        

Mrs Rosa Kummelstedt                             

The Very Revd Julian Large       

Paolo Manca, Esq               

Ward McKimm, Esq                                   

Gerard O’Doherty, Esq                              

Mrs Bee Tussaud                                         

Peter Ward, Esq                                          

Andrew Zarraga, Esq                                

Parent Governors (2) (elected)

Ms Heather Alston                                     

Ms Vera Pellegrin      


Staff Governors (2) (appointed)

Hemish Gunasekara, Esq                           

Dominic Sullivan, Esq                               

Ex Officio Governor

Daniel Wright, Esq  Headmaster

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School Policies and Key Documents

To view and download the following reports on the schools' policies, please go to:

About Us - Policies - Downloads