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Amongst the many distinctive features of the Catholic community is its appetite to give generously of its time, energy, expertise and such monies as it can reasonably spare in order to support and extend the mission of the Church in education. Indeed, amongst the earliest fruits of widespread public subscription was the fourteenth century construction of Milan Cathedral - still a work in progress, some 500 years later! With this in mind, the set of links to the right set out just a few of the ways in which you may be able to support the School in its educational mission, whether through the gift of your time, expertise, or through such funds as you feel able to spare - whatever the kind of giving, and whatever the amount, please do be assured of our sincerest gratitude. We very much welcome and encourage involvement at any level and commend it as the best way to really feel a part of the journey!  Don't forget, we'll also be coming to you for support and advice at such events as you may be able to help, such as careers evenings, work placements, sixth form talks, etc, etc . . .

If you feel able to give, in any way, or would simply like to put what you are able to offer on our radar, then please do contact the development office on

Here is a quick guide to what's what when it comes to making a contribution:

  1. FLOS: this is a voluntary monthly parental subsidy that is spent on enabling us to deliver the kind of curriculum we do.
  2. The Foundation: this is a larger scale, targeted fundraising charity that sits outside the formal structure of the School, but has the purpose of raising monies for buildings.
  3. The Faber Society: this is a way in which bequests and legacies to the School can be made and managed.
  4. The London Oratorians: this is essentially an alumni organisation, open to pupils and parents past and present, offering a range of social events.
  5. The Choral Society: this is an integrated choir, comprising of pupils and parents past and present, and engages in rehearsals and performances, and, the odd music inspired social!
  6. Rugby Committee: a group of hugely supportive parents, who assist with the social and, in some cases, training side of rugby.